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Business Energy Procurement

Looking for reliable energy procurement services? Flame Energy can provide your business with brokered energy contracts. As the cost of energy can fluctuate every day, we analyse commodity markets daily to ensure the optimum time to secure supply and the length of contract.

As energy procurement consultants, we have expert knowledge about gas, electricity and water markets and ensure that we can obtain the optimum contracts for your business. From short term six month contracts to longer 60 month contracts.

Comprehensive Energy Procurement Services

Complex energy management solutions are what we do best. We act as a single point of contact throughout the entire process, providing you with the optimum contract for your business, without the inconvenience of dealing with suppliers yourself.

After a review of your energy and future goals we will develop the optimum plan for your business. Whether you’re looking for carbon reduction supported by the use of our renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas, or our market analysis skills to develop a competitive solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I fix my business electricity tariff?

In most cases, fixing your electricity tariff can be cheaper, however it is difficult to predict energy prices over a long period of time.  Out of contract rates can be very expensive so it may be worth fixing your electricity prices.  If you are a huge company who pre-purchase power, you should get into a fixed contract to avoid out of contract rates. 

Are business energy prices cheaper than domestic?

It entirely depends on the contract you are in and if you have been in it since before the huge prices rises. Companies in new contracts will be paying more for their energy than households as the domestic relief scheme caps the rates at a lower price.

Can you negotiate energy prices?

We have connections with a range of suppliers that all price competitively, driving the price down for our customers.

How can a business reduce utility costs?  

There are several ways a business can cut its energy costs.  These include cutting down on electricity usage within the business and instigating energy saving measures and processes within the business (such as motion-detected lights); generating its own electricity for example through installing solar panels; and ensuring your are on the best contract and paying the best rates.

How many kWh does a small business use per month?

This varies enormously and depends on the type of business, size of site, and appliances being used.  You can see your usage on your latest energy bill.


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