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Business Water Meter Installation

Using a water meter ensures that you’re only paying for the water your site is using. If a water meter is the best solution for you, Flame Energy can assist you in the process of setting up your water meter.

Why choose a water meter?

Choosing a water meter for your site has a range of benefits. If you know what you’re using, you can better manage your water usage, helping your business reduce its water waste and boost its environmental credentials. If you know exactly how much you’re using, you’re better equipped to deal with any leaks you might have on your site. Your water meter will detect spikes in usage, highlighting any excessive water consumption, helping us detect and resolve any leaks you may be experiencing.

How can I get a water meter?

If you need a water meter for your site, Flame Energy will be able to guide you through the process ensuring that it’s as smooth as possible. We’ll work with our chosen partners to conduct a survey to determine whether a water meter is your best option. We’ll then arrange for your water meter to be fitted with little to no disruption. You’ll then be able to track exactly how much water your site is using and receive accurate bills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a business choose their water supplier?

The industry was de-regulated in April 2017 which means businesses are able to shop around and negotiate with various water suppliers via Flame Energy to negotiate better terms and costings.

Do small businesses pay water rates?

Any premise that used water will need to pay for their water usage. This can be lower depending on which supplier you choose and you shop around regularly.

Can my business water be cut off?

If a business is using water and is refusing/doesn’t pay their bill along with not speaking to their water supplier regarding their situation is risking their water supply to be disconnected.

What happens if a business can’t pay water bills?

The supplier will try and help if you make them aware. They will try and put payment plans in place to support your business. You must speak to them to avoid further action or even disconnection. contact us or your supplier if you are having trouble paying your bills.

How long should I sign a water contract for?

This will differ depending on sites and markets, along with how long you are looking to be in the building. Different situations will mean different durations will suit your business.

How much can I save on my water rates with a new contract?

If you keep shopping around and revieing your contracts regularly you can save costs on your water contracts. If you leave the contracts and not do anything with them you will pay more. We can regularly review contracts for you.


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