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Batteries are a key aspect in maximising the full potential of renewable energy. Large battery sites are being set up all over the UK to store renewable energy produced during peak times. When the weather gives us more sun or wind, a great amount of solar and wind energy is generated. This excess energy is stored in batteries for us to use at night or during cloudy days as part of our transition away from fossil fuels.

Why choose Flame Energy for your battery storage?

Our team of dedicated experts at Flame Energy can help your business store the excess energy it generates. We can also help you in the process of selling any unused energy back to the grid.

Why choose to store your excess energy in a battery?

Choosing a battery to store any excess energy you generate guarantees the security of your energy supply. At a time where energy supplies are at a premium, choosing to store energy gives you peace of mind. If your supply is sensitive to energy blackouts, storing your own energy is a great way to reduce the risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best battery for energy storage?

Lithium batteries have the highest energy density, and so are best for energy storage.

Will it cost more to purchase green energy?

It can range from a cost neutral price to a marginal additional cost.

What type of batteries last the longest?

Lithium batteries last the longest as they have the highest energy density.

What are the different types of batteries?

There are three types of batteries – alkaline, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion.

Do batteries expire if not used?

Yes unfortunately all batteries have an expiration date.  It could be dangerous to use the batteries beyond this.

How do I choose a battery?

For renewable energy lithium ion are the best batteries as they require less maintenance, have a high energy density, and are long lasting.

Are battery backups worth it?

Your meter will still be connected to the grid so if your battery fails you will still have electricity.  However you can have a back up battery if you choose. 

How much can batteries store?

It depends on the battery you chose it can batteries range from small batteries you put in tv remotes to industrial with the largest being 1200 MWh.

What is the payback period like for batteries?

Batteries don’t produce electricity so do not have a pay back period but will help power your business when it is no longer sunny.  Having battery storage means you will be able to store energy produced by your solar panels, and therefore don’t have to buy electricity from the National Grid.

How will batteries help my business save money?

If you have solar panels, battery storage can help save you money as you can store excess energy on sunny days, ready to use on overcast days or overnight.  This means that you will not have to buy as much, if any, electricity from the National Grid when your panels are not generating sufficient electricity.


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