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At Flame Energy, we know that logistics and warehousing can be very energy intensive. With the large size of warehouses, lighting and heating costs can very quickly mount up, leaving your business with hefty bills. Our experts are on hand to provide comprehensive logistics and warehousing energy management solutions tailored to meet your requirements.


More and more, people are wanting to buy from businesses that show commitment to sustainability and choosing green energy partners are a great way to show this. We offer energy and water contracts that align with your sustainability targets. We’ll complete a review of your energy usage, look at opportunities to reduce energy consumption and provide you with the right green, environmentally friendly contracts.

We can also assist in the installation of EV chargers for your electric vehicle fleet to help you cut down on carbon emissions and reduce the costs of running combustion engine vehicles.


We know that it’s hard to reduce the energy and water consumption on a your site. As part of our logistics and warehousing energy management service our team of dedicated experts will look at every aspect of your energy contracts and usage to identify any areas that can cut down on your costs. Our team will also work with our partners to manage half hourly meters and MOP contracts and ensure you’re paying for the right energy usage.

Why choose Flame Energy?

Finding the best energy and water contracts for your business can be time consuming. That’s why, when you sign your contracts with Flame Energy, you’ll be given a dedicated account manager, contactable via phone, email, and our website, who can take on the process for you. We’ll search the market to find the best contracts, to provide logistics and warehousing energy management solutions, tailored to meet your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my logistics company qualify for ESOS?

To qualify for ESOS your business needs to meet two criteria:

Does your business employ 250 or more people.

Do you have an annual turnover above £44 million, and an annual balance sheet total more than £38 million.

If you answer yes to both criteria, then you will need to comply with ESOS. Look at our compliance page to learn more about ESOS and requirements your business needs to meet.

Can I receive reports of my consumption?

Yes, your business consumption can be monitored constantly. Consumption reports are also a great way to notice unusual spikes in usage and therefore aid in the process of reducing your overall consumption.

Can I track my CO2 emissions?

Yes, CO2 emissions can be tracked alongside your consumption. All energy suppliers must publish how much CO2 they produce per kilowatt hour; therefore, we can accurately measure CO2 emissions by using your consumption data.

Does my logistics company need a meter operator contract?

Most logistics companies will have a half hourly meter due to their high energy consumption, therefore its likely you have automatically been setup with a meter operator contract by your supplier on a standard charge rate. Remaining on a standard/default rate for your meter operator contact could see you paying more than a separately agreed contract.

Should I perform a KVA review for my logistics business?

KVA reviews only need to be completed if your logistics business is on a half hourly meter. As most logistic businesses are normally on a half hourly meter you should always conduct a KVA review when moving to a new premises or even if you haven’t conducted a review in a while.

Failure to conduct a KVA review could result in overpaying for what you need or being charged for over consuming. To learn more about KVA reviews visit our KVA reviews service page or get in touch on 0115 648 5655.

Can I install solar panels on my logistics warehouse roof?

Logistic warehouses can benefit massively by installing roof solar panels as it will grant the warehouse and adjacent buildings free energy. Warehouses are also an ideal place to install solar PV as their height prevents the solar panels being shaded by their surroundings.

If you are planning to install a solar PV system that will generate more than 1 megawatt, then you will need planning permission. Take a look at our solar panel service page to learn more or get in touch to talk to one of our specialists.

Can my logistics business purchase green energy?

Flame Energy offer all our customer the option the purchase green energy over their carbon counterparts. Switching your energy supply to green energy is a great way to reduce your companies carbon emissions and become more sustainable.


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