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Business Gas Meter Installation Service

If you’re setting up a new building or site, you’re going to need a new gas connection. Our team of experts at Flame Energy are on hand to help you with the installation of your new gas meter, as well as monitoring and any upgrades you may need.

What’s the process of installing a gas meter?

If you require a new gas meter to be installed, we’ll work with our network of accredited partners to get your new gas meter up and running as soon as possible.

To enable the installation of a gas meter, all we need is the size of the meter and its exact location. We’ll work with our network of approved metering partners to have your new gas meter installed as quickly as possible.

What’s the process of removing a gas meter?

When gas is no longer required on site, you’ll need to have the meter removed so you are not paying the standard charge. Flame Energy can help guide you through this process. We’ll work with our network of approved partners to organise for your meter to be safely removed. We’ll organise any connections to be safely be purged and the correct removal of the meter, and prevent you from paying hefty standing charges.

Why choose Flame Energy?

When you join us, you’ll be given a dedicated account manager to guide you through the process. Our specialist team will work with our network of approved partners to ensure that the process of installing, removing and managing your gas meter runs as smoothly as possible. We have extensive knowledge to help you throughout the process to ensure that your gas meter is the right solution for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two types of gas meters?

Gas meters can be either metric or imperial.

What is a commercial gas meter?

A commercial gas meter is a meter used to measure the natural gas used by a business.

What size is a commercial gas meter?

The size of a commercial gas meter varies, and will depend on your usage.

Can you own your own gas meter?

Yes, you can own your own gas meter.  You may be asked for evidence that it is maintained so ensure you regularly check and maintain it and keep relevant records. 

Can I install my own gas meter?

No, you can’t install your own meter.  You will need to contact your supplier.

What is the difference between domestic gas and commercial gas?

Nothing. domestic gas and commercial gas are exactly the same in terms of where it is supplied form and how it is supplied.

How much is gas meter installation?

To install a gas meter it will typically cost around £1500

Why would I need a bigger gas meter?

If your usage exceeds how much the pipes can carry you will need a larger meter.

What happens if gas meter is too small?

If your meter is too small, you may need more pipework laying, which can be expensive. contact us if you need help with the size of your gas meter.

Is it illegal to change a gas meter?

It is illegal to change your own gas meter it must be done by professional.


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