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KVA capacity only applies to half hourly (HH) meters and is the maximum power that your meter
can draw from the grid without receiving an excess charge. In effect your KVA capacity is how much electricity the grid reserves for your meter. You pay to reserve the electricity, and will not pay extra if you don’t use it but will waste the money you pay to reserve it.

If your KVA is set too low you will exceed the agreed capacity and will be charged an excess charge for your electricity which can range from 47% to 132% above your usual cost.

For these reasons it is important to have the right level of KVA.

Determining the right level of KVA capacity is not straight forward and required details analysis of your energy requirements.

Our team will look at every aspect of your business and potential future of the building to give a professional opinion on your KVA capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does kVA stand for?

kVA stands for Kilovolt-ampere. A KVA is 1000 volt-amperes (amps).

What is kVA analysis?

kVA analysis is to help your business to understand your kVA allowance and usage. This is to ensure that your Kva stays at the right level.

How do you find kVA?

Your kVA is usually on your bill, if not you can contact your distribution network operator.

What is kVA capacity?

This is the level of reserved power for your site that you can use without any additional charges.

Who sets kVA?

The kVA would have been agreed between site user and the distribution network operator (DNO) but the DNO officially sets it.

What is kVA demand charge?

If usage exceeds the agreed kVA capacity amount you will receive a charge for each kVA over the capacity.


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