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Property management is often characterised by high energy consumption over multiple sites. We’ll work with our partners to ensure property energy management that provides the optimum energy and water contracts for your portfolio.


With the RICS looking for properties to meet certain sustainability targets, it’s important to ensure that you’re looking for sustainable energy solutions for your properties. We can procure you the best renewable energy contracts for your properties to help boost your environmental credits. We can also work with our chosen partners to help you choose greener options, such as the installation of solar panels or EV charging points.


When sites are left empty, standing charges become more important than unit rates. We know this and will be able to secure you the best contracts for any empty sites you may have. Our team will find the best contracts for you based on the market. Our market analysis will ensure you’re securing supply at the optimal time.

Why choose Flame Energy?

Finding the best energy and water contracts for your business can be time consuming. That’s why, when you sign your contracts with Flame Energy, you’ll be given a dedicated account manager, contactable via phone, email, and our website, who can take on the process for you including change of tenancies . We’ll search the market to find the best contracts, tailored to fit your requirements so that you can focus on keeping your tenants happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete a change of tenancy?

You can submit a change of tenancy by downloading the change of tenancy form off your supplies website and fill it out with as much information as you can, make sure you take a reading the day you leave to avoid being overcharged.

You can also download and complete a change of tenancy form on the Flame Energy resources page.

Can I have all my bills and contracts in one place?

Yes if all the hotels are with one supplier then all the bills can be on one portal we can help with this by aligning your contracts across all sites.

What is bill validation?

Bill validation is when your bills go through checkpoints to ensure they are correct before they are paid.

Can I access consumption reports for all my properties?

Yes, all suppliers and meter operators measure your usage which can be easily accessible. Keeping on top of your energy consumption via reports is great way to ensure you are not consuming more than planned and will save you money.

Can I monitor the amount of CO2 each of my sites produce?

All suppliers must publicly release their fuel mix which will enable us to work the amount of CO2 produced. Therefore, with accurate measurements of your consumption we will be able to accurately measure your CO2 emissions.

Do I need to agree separate meter operator contracts for each of my properties?

Yes, suppliers will often choose the operator that is easiest for them and this can cost more. The supplier also often adds a margin on this. A separate MOP can save you up to £1500 a year, to learn more take a look at this MOP article.

What are the benefits of conducting KVA reviews for my properties?

If your KVA is too high you will be paying for a high KVA limit that you don’t need but if it is too low and you go over there will be high charges. Charges can range from 47% to 132% of your total costs.

Do I want a low unit rate or standing charge?

If the building is empty, it is important to find a low standing charge but if it is being used and usage is high then it is more important to have a lower unit rate, we consider usage, unit rates and standing charge when we negotiate with suppliers. To find the best contract for your property get in touch with one of our experts.

Do I need to conduct a water audit for all my sites?

Water audits will help you identify any leaks within all your properties from water appliances. Finding and fixing these leaks will save reduce your water costs.

Can I install solar PV panels on my properties?

Yes, the payback period for solar is faster than ever as a result of increased energy prices. If your properties have space and are strong enough to support PV panels then Solar power can be a great way for your business to reduce your energy costs and become a more sustainable business. Get in touch with one of our experts and we asses if PV panels will benefit your business and guide you through the process.

Can I install EV charging stations at my properties?

With more electric vehicles on the road each year EV charging stations are becoming the norm. The process of installing an EV charging station follows 5 simple steps:

  1. Discussion to understand your goals.
  2. Electric analysis which includes a KVA review and a meter inspection
  3. Site survey
  4. Installation
  5. Fault check

If you would like to learn more about EV charging station, take a look at our EV charging service page or contact one of our experts.

How can I reduce my energy consumption across multiple sites?

There are various methods of reducing energy consumption the easiest steps is to ensure all your care home appliances are switched off correctly and not in idle mode when not in use. Getting a MOP will allow you to monitor your consumption and therefore enable you to identify any unusual spikes in energy consumption.

How do I switch suppliers?

Once a new energy contract has been signed, we’ll handle all the necessary details to switch your supply.


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