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Leak Detection Services for your Business 

Leaks in pipes are more common than you’d think, so it’s important that your site is protected in the event of a leak. Our team at Flame Energy will be able to identify any unusual spikes in usage to help you detect a leak before they become a major problem.

Once detected, we’ll advise you on the best solutions to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently to ensure you’re not being over charged.

Why choose Flame Energy?

Knowing that there’s a leak on your site can be stressful but we will be there to guide you through the process. We work with our dedicated partners to detect any leaks via your logger and ensure the appropriate solution is implemented, to bring your water bills back down where they should be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can leakage be detected?

Other than visible signs, if you water usage goes up for an extended period of time, also if the usage never reaches 0 then you probably have a leak because at some point of day usage should be 0 unless some thing is left on or there is a leak

What is the best leak detection method? 

Electronic leak detectors are the best way to detect leaks on your site.

What instrument is used for leak detection?

Ultrasonic uses sound, but may not be accurate on small leaks as not enough sound is generated through a small leak.

Is a leak detector worth it?

Yes finding problems quickly can help you prevent severe damage

What are the three types of leakage?

Pin hole leaks – they are tiny and nearly impossible to find, they drip every now and then.

Moderate leaks – A leak that is more constant and a bigger problem

Gushing leaks – These are big leaks that require you to turn off the water straight away

Is there a tool to find a water leak underground? 

Underground leaks are spotted using specialist acoustic equipment.

What are the most common leaks?

Moderate leaks are the most common types of leaks

How do you stop water leaks immediately?

 If a leak needs stopping immediately turn the water off, there will usually be an inside stop tap.


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