5 ways to cut energy usage in pubs

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According to research, over 4,500 licensed hospitality premises closed between March 2022 and March 2023. This works out to just over 12 venues closing each day in Britain with most venues citing high energy costs as the reason behind this. What can your venue do to keep energy costs low? Here’s our five top tips for reducing energy usage in pubs.

1. Complete an energy audit

Completing an energy audit of your pub or restaurant is the first step you’ll need to take if you’re looking to reduce your energy usage. You’ll need to look at all the data on your current usage, taking into account your previous bills. You’ll also need to conduct a walk-through audit, investigating every inch of your premises. Once you’ve completed your audit, you’ll have a better idea of how your venue uses energy at the moment. This helps you to create a more informed plan for reducing your energy consumption. If you can identify any problem areas, you’ll know exactly what you need to do going forward.

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2. Re-evaluate your kitchen layout

Does your site have a kitchen? It might seem unusual, but the layout of your kitchen can have a huge impact on your energy usage and bills. The layout of the equipment in your kitchen can affect the energy efficiency of appliances. For example, if your fridge and freezer are next to fryers or grills, they’ll have to work even harder to keep things cool due to the hot air the other pieces of equipment generate. The harder your equipment is working, the higher your bills are going to be.

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3. Evaluate your cellar

Your cellar could also be the key to cutting down energy usage in pubs or restaurants. You’ll need to keep your cellar cool to keep your drinks cool. But, similar to the kitchen, any machines that could generate hot air should be moved out of your cellar. For example, if you can move your ice machine out of the cellar, you might not need to have cooling systems as high. Ensuring that all your refrigeration equipment is cleaned and well maintained is another easy way to stop your equipment from overheating. It’s also a good idea to add insulation to any pipes that run through your cellar to stop any heat from escaping.

4. Keep an eye on your equipment

Your equipment could be the reason that your pub’s energy usage is so high. If it’s been a while since you’ve had new kitchen or bar equipment, such as fryers and fridges, your equipment might be working harder than it needs to be. You’ll need to keep your equipment well maintained and clean to ensure that it’s as energy efficient as it can be.

You could even invest in more energy efficient equipment. Heineken has developed its new SmartDispense equipment, which is a new eco-friendly way of pouring your pints, providing greener cellar management. It could also be time for some new bar fridges with a higher energy efficiency rating too.

5. Get the team involved

Getting the team involved is crucial if you’re wanting to reduce your pub’s energy usage. Make sure that all of your staff members receive the right training for any new initiatives you’re implementing. This keeps everyone in the loop, giving you the best chance of reducing your consumption. You could add any new procedures onto any opening or closing checklists to ensure that nothing is missed off. Or, add signs by staff room doors or the cellar to make sure that everyone is turning off lights and equipment if they’re not needed.

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