Business Water Contracts: What you need to know

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How much can I save on my water rates with a new contract?

How much your business can save depends on lots of factors, such as location and contractual status, with usage and consumption playing the biggest parts in this. Some businesses could save hundreds, some could save thousands. If you’re keeping up to date, shopping around suppliers and reviewing your contracts regularly, you could be saving costs on your water contracts. If you leave your contracts and don’t do anything with them, it’s likely that you’ll be paying more.

What happens if I can’t pay my water bill?

If you happen to get into a situation where you can’t pay your water bill, it’s important to speak to your supplier. There’s the help there for you if you need it. If your supplier is aware of the situation, they will likely try and put payment plans in place to support your business. But it’s important that you keep communicating with your supplier to avoid further action.

If a business is using water and is refusing to or can’t pay the water bills, the provider could come and disconnect your supply if there’s no communication regarding the situation. Suppliers could even take you to court, adding even more fees to worry about. Make sure to speak to your water supplier to come to the best solution for your business.

Can a business choose their water supplier?

In April 2017, the water market was deregulated. This means that businesses in the UK can ‘shop around’ for their water suppliers. Businesses can now negotiate with different suppliers to make sure that they’re getting the best rates for their water contracts. Our experts at Flame Energy can help you negotiate better terms and costs with suppliers, helping you get the best deal possible.

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How long should I sign a business water contract for?

The best length in contract depends on your site’s requirements. You’ll need to consider the number of sites you’ll need a supply for and the current state of the market. It’s important that you take into account how long you’re planning on occupying the building. If you’re only planning on being in the building for a year, there’s no point in signing a water contract for three years. Every business is different so different durations will suit different businesses.

Do businesses pay more for water?

Yes, business water rates are usually more expensive than domestic water rates. However, this will often depend on the site size. Your industry, water usage and the location of your site will all factor into how much your business pays for its water. Some companies may also need different tariffs depending on their different requirements.

Do small businesses pay water rates?

Any premises that use water will need to pay for their usage, no matter the size of the business. This rate can be lower depending on the supplier you choose. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that you shop around regularly to find the best deal.

How are my business’ water rates calculated?

Lots of different rates and charges are included in your water bill. Suppliers will look at your portable water metered rates which is how much clean water your business has used. If you have a high consumption, this is likely to be higher. It’s likely that you’ll also see a standing or metering charge, which is a daily fixed charge that you’ll have to pay whether you used any of your water supply or not.

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To get the best water contract for your business, it’s likely that you’ll need to shop around. However, this can be a tedious and time-consuming process for any business. Our experts at Flame Energy are on hand to take on the process for you. Our extensive market knowledge ensures that you’ll only be signing contracts at the best time and price for your business. Contact our team today to find out more about our water management service.

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