Why use an energy broker for your properties?

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With lots of properties under your belt, finding the right solutions for their energy and water needs can be time consuming. When you’re constantly advertising new properties, handling maintenance requests, and expanding your portfolio, there’s little time to be searching for the best deals for your energy.

But what’s the solution for this? Using an energy broker can streamline the process for you so you can get back to the important stuff.

Easier Change of Tenancies

A change of tenancy (COT) occurs when a business moves in or out of a new premises, something that’s a common occurrence when you’re managing multiple properties. It can be quite a time-consuming task when you’re handling a good few number of properties. But when you work with an energy broker, they’ll take this on for you once you sign a Letter of Authority (LOA). This allows for a third party to arrange for services on your behalf. One of our energy experts will be able to complete the change of tenancy and agree on a new contract for you.

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Avoid out of contract rates

Your property will fall into Out of Contract rates if your current contract ends without you securing a new one. These rates are usually around 80% higher than standard contract rates. Letting your properties go onto Out of Contract rates can be costly, with the extra charges adding up. When you choose to manage your portfolio’s energy with a broker, our experts will be able to monitor your contracts, so your properties don’t end up on expensive Out of Contract rates. Our team monitor the energy market to find you the best deals when it’s time for renewal to keep your costs down too.

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One point of contact

With multiple properties in your portfolio, managing each contract and its supplier can be a tricky task. To get the best rates, you might have signed up for energy and water contracts with multiple different suppliers. But, when you use a broker for your energy management, you’ll have one point of contact – simplifying your billing process. We’ll manage every aspect of your energy and water for all your portfolio. One bill for all your properties helps to simplify your energy management so that you can focus on your portfolio.

Find more sustainable solutions

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we’re looking for sustainable solutions for our energy and water management. Whether you’re looking at installing solar panels on your property’s roofs or EV charging stations at your offices, using an energy broker can make this process easier. We’ll work with you to find the best sustainable solutions for each of your properties. We can procure green contracts as well as assess whether your properties are suitable for generating their own energy as part of our renewable energy service. This could be a lot to work out on your own, so choosing a broker for your sustainable energy solutions frees you up so you can get back to business.

Saves you time and money

With a large portfolio, managing each properties water and energy contracts can be extremely time consuming. If it’s not done correctly, could be costly too. When you work with a broker, like Flame Energy, we’ll take on all the stress for you. We’ll manage your energy and water contracts for your properties, giving you a more simplified process – saving you heaps of time. But its not just time you’ll save. Our team of experts are constantly analysing the market to procure you the best contracts. We’ll make sure you’re only signing at the right time to keep your costs low too.

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