How can you reduce your care home energy bills?

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With the constant need to for an energy supply, care homes often face incredibly high energy bills. Usage is always going to be higher in a care home to make sure every resident’s need is met.  However, there is a solution. By changing some elements and implementing new systems, your care home can cut down on its usage and see a reduction in its energy bills.

Complete an energy audit

The first step you’ll need to take to reduce your care home’s energy bills is to complete an energy audit. This will provide you with the full picture of your care home’s energy usage and consumption. You’ll need to look at every aspect of your care home, from your contracts to your equipment. From this you’ll know exactly what areas you’ll need to focus on to help bring your care home’s bills down.

Upgrade your care home equipment

The older your care home’s equipment, the more energy it takes for it to run. By switching out any old equipment to newer models, the equipment will need less energy to run. This is a quick and easy way to help your care home cut down on its usage, which will reduce your energy bills.

Switch to LED lighting in your care home

One of the most effective ways to cut down on your energy bills is to switch to LED lighting in your care home. LED light bulbs use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, helping you to cut down on your usage and costs. If you switch to LED bulbs in the most commonly used areas, such as bedrooms or communal spaces, you should see a reduction in your usage. This will help to bring down your energy costs.

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Regular HVAC maintenance

Keeping on top of maintenance for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can also help to reduce your care home’s energy prices. Everything from dirty air filters to clogged ducts can all cause your HVAC systems to work harder than normal. The harder your HVAC systems work, the more energy they use and the higher your energy bills get. With regular maintenance, you can prevent any issues or malfunctioning equipment. This keeps your systems running longer and more efficiently as well as reducing your energy bills too.

Implement energy-saving changes

Implementing energy-saving policies into your care home is a great way to cut down on your usage and costs. It doesn’t have to be big changes; even smaller changes can have an impact on your usage and bills. Simple changes like turning off lights or equipment when they’re not in use can have a big impact. You could look at switching to motion sensor lights in your care home to make sure that lights aren’t left on if no-ones in a room. All of these changes can help to reduce your energy consumption and your costs.

Switch to renewable energy sources

Choosing renewable energy sources can not only help your care home become more sustainable, but it can also cut down on your energy costs too. You could look to install solar panels on your care home’s roof or switch to a renewable energy contract. By using these sources of energy, you’re reducing your reliance on the grid, helping you to cut your energy costs in the long run. If you’re choosing to generate your own electricity, an export meter can help you sell excess electricity back to the grid. These not only reduce your care home’s carbon footprint but will reduce your energy bills in the long run too.

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